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Posted on 04-28-2016

Fifteen years ago we began TriCounty Chiropractic with a particular vision in mind.  That vision was to deliver quality chiropractic care and to treat each patient as an individual.  We were determined to personalize every treatment to meet your needs.  Each visit we looked at muscular imbalances, dysfunctional movement patterns or workplace ergonomics. Every treatment consisted of a progress evaluation of your complaints, lifestyle considerations and ultimately a tailored treatment. We used every tool on our toolbox. Our ears to listen carefully to what you had to say.  Our eyes to see what your voices didn't know how to articulate.  Our hearts to feel empathy and compassion.  Our hands to examine and treat you.  Our minds to teach you how to take care of yourselves.  Fifteen years later the foundation our vision has not changed.  Dr. Christine Treacy and Dr. Jessica Krish of the Pottstown office, Dr. Jessica Kennedy and Dr. Leigh Ann Jasinnas, of our sister location in Exton, and the rest of our amazing staffs continue to provide the same quality care each day. Every one of our treatments still consists of a progress evaluation, therapy modalities, massage, muscle therapy techniques, therapeutic stretches and exercise programs to suit each of you individually.

What has changed is our efficiency.  We have streamlined our procedures, employed new techniques and acquired new skills to serve you better.  We have taken and continue to take courses in sports medicine, geriatrics, rehabilitation and soft tissue techniques.  We work smarter and just as hard to provide you with what you deserve...quality care and individualized treatment.  In celebration of our years of service and our dedication to continually serve our patients better we are changing our look and we are refining our name.   TriCounty Chiropractic of Pottstown and TriCounty Chiropractic of Exton have always provided quality chiropractic care and rehabilitation services. And we will continue to do so as TriCounty Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

TriCounty Chiropractic and Rehabilitation has a fully staffed a team of licensed massage therapists, chiropractic assistants and trainers working alongside.  Dr. Treacy, Dr. Jess, Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Leigh Ann.  We  feel strongly that this change better represents who we are as a company. Our goal is to give you everything that chiropractic offers and to teach you how to maintain it. We strive to not just treat your current condition but identify the cause of it and help you make the changes needed to keep your body working at its best.

What's next for us?   We are constantly striving to provide you with the latest chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques. The doctors are beginning post graduate studies in chiropractic sports medicine.  They recently completed a course in extremity adjusting and sports injuries. Dr. Leigh Ann recently became a member of the Clinical Athlete Community. 

Our therapists are taking courses in the latest and most effective techniques.

We are holding health care and self care workshops both in house and offsite.

We are very excited about the changes we have made to streamline our procedures and services. And we are proud to say that we have done so without sacrificing the quality of our care.

Thank you,

Dr. Christine Treacy, Dr. Jessica Krish, Dr. Jessica Kennedy, Dr. Leigh Ann Jasinnas and the staff at

TriCounty Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Pottstown and Exton

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