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Posted on 04-18-2016

I always wanted to work in rehabilitation. I had worked as an assistant for osteopath, Dr. Robert Boyd D.O., at a physical therapy facility in high school and a throughout college. I went to college with the intention of becoming a physical therapist or an osteopathic physician. I always had good grades in high school and I was always a hard worker. I was in accelerated and honors classes. I was accepted into every college PT and premed program I applied. I chose to go to the only school I could afford with my parents help. I was confident entering college that I would successfully accomplish my goals. 

Unfortunately my freshman year in college was a huge eye opener. I didn't know how to study!  I had a great memory but I didn't really know how to apply what I could remember. I struggled with my grades until my best friend Denise taught me how to study. But by then I had let my grade point average drop and had some catching up to do. I switched majors to Medical Technology.    I let go of my dream. All I really wanted to do was get out of college.
I ended up graduating with honors and took a job as a blood bank technologist at Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, NJ. I really loved that job. I worked there for almost five years as a technologist and eventually part time as the assistant laboratory information system manager. Most importantly, I met my husband Michael. 
Although I enjoyed working in the Blood Bank I wanted to further my career. I realized I was still stuck on a career in physical rehabilitation. One day I was drawing a donor unit of blood for a patient's upcoming surgery. The man I was taking the unit of blood from was the patient's Chiropractor!  I thought...really!?  "He is donating a unit of blood for his patient."  He talked about his job and his patients with such love and compassion.  I was hooked. I had only ever been adjusted by an osteopath. I really didn't even know much about chiropractic. I did some research and realized I could achieve my goal through Chiropractic. 
With Mike's support, I applied to chiropractic colleges and with in a year was off to New York Chiropractic College. My new ability to apply what I learned and the education I received in medical technology made me pretty successful. I loved chiropractic college. My grades were great. I made life long friends and I married my husband. After graduation I opened my office in Pottstown. My mother helped name the office. She was looking through the Pottstown phone book and said "How about TriCounty Chiropractic...seems like a popular name."  The rest is history. I am forever grateful for this path. Struggling in my first year of college made me either sink or swim. Thank the good Lord, I swam. 
Working at Muhlenberg gave me a great background in health care and the love of my life. New York Chiropractic College gave me a fantastic education in chiropractic and rehabilitation. Fifteen years later I'm still loving what I do. So, a big thanks to Denise for teaching me how to study. Denise by the way went on to receive a doctorate in cellular biology. She's a cancer research scientist. 
Big thanks to Michael for being my biggest supporter.  Big thanks to my parents, Frank and Joan Sinnott, for putting me through college. Big thanks to my mom for the TriCounty name.   

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