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Posted on 04-07-2016

Do you wake up with neck pain and numbness in one or both of your hands.  If so, here are a few helpful tips. 

1.) Evaluate your sleeping position   If you prefer to sleep on your back, you need a pillow with the support under your neck.  Use a neck roll or contour pillow. The bulk of the pillow should NOT be under your head.  If your preference is to sleep on your side, you need a thicker pillow to keep your head in line with your neck.  If you are sleeping on a thin pillow that flattens out or too many pillows, you will spend a lot of the night with your head tilted towards or away from the bed pinching off the nerves that exit your spine.  If you are sleeping with your arm under your head you will be putting too much pressure on the nerves coming out of your shoulder. Either of these things can cause you to wake up with neck pain and numbness.

2.) Never sleep on your stomach. You would never keep your head in the turned position for 6-8 hours at a time normally. 

3.) If you like to read or watch TV before bed be sure to keep your head and shoulders supported. 

4.) Ask, why you have neck pain and headaches.  Have you left a problem untreated for years?  Do you spend hours on devices such as laptops, phone and tablets?

It’s important to evaluate what shape you are in now and how you want to be going forward. If you want to feel better, than you need to change your habits and find a chiropractor so that you can correct the damage that years of a poor sleep position and too much time looking forward and down have caused you.

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