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Posted on 09-12-2017

How Can A Rehab Chiropractor Help Me With Chronic Pain in Pottstown?

At Tri-County Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, our team works closely with you to find the best care option for your needs.  Dr. Christine Treacy will work closely with you to provide you with the pain relief you need.

person with chronic pain in Pottstown

Can Chronic Pain See Improvement?

Many individuals feel that chronic pain is something they just have to deal with and live with long term. That's not the case. It is possible to see significant improvement in your pain level even if you've suffered an injury or disease long ago.

When you come in to see a rehab chiropractor in our office, we'll work to understand why you are still struggling with pain. That includes providing diagnostic exams to determine the underlying cause of your pain. A key reason to seek out treatment from a chiropractor is to get to the root of the problem. Instead of masking your pain with medications, a rehab chiropractor aims to reduce your pain by finding and treating the source.

Rehabilitation Improves Function

Once we treat the underlying cause of chronic pain, we can then work on improving the strength and function of your muscles, spinal column, joints, and tissues. Our goal here is to help your body move in the proper manner. A direct result of this is reduced pain. Your body sees improvement right away.

How Can a Rehab Chiropractor Help You?

We can help you with a wide range of ailments. Call our rehab chiropractor to discuss the pain you have. We can help you with back and neck pain, sciatica, and other joint pain. We offer treatments designed to improve the underlying cause of your pain. This may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Wellness tips and lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Corrective exercises and comprehensive rehabilitation

When you come in to see us for rehab, specifically, we'll create a blueprint exercise that helps your body to learn how to move properly. These exercises will work to improve spinal correction, improve the effectiveness of movements, aid skeletal alignment, and improve to strengthen and loosen your muscles, connective tissues, and joints. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your body is moving in the best way possible to reduce ongoing pain. This in itself can help you to see significant improvement in even chronic pain.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Pottstown, PA Chiropractor

If you are ready to start seeing relief, you should schedule an appointment with your Pottstown, PA chiropractor. Contact Tri-County Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for an appointment: 610-327-8090.

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